Some of the programs we can offer:

  • Familiarisation with the plants, vegetables, herbs in the garden
  • Familiarisation with different wheat types
  • Visiting the open-air ship museum
  • Party in the cellar
  • Hiking in the Gerecse
  • Visiting local sights
  • Quiz and memory games
  • Group competitions on skills, rural Olympics
  • Planting flowers/herbs
  • Painting, decorating flower pots
  • Roasting ham, apple and marshmallow at the camp fire
  • Waste processing in a playful way

… and some more attractions:

  • Milk processing, butter making
  • Making oven-baked bread
  • Making oven-baked strudel
  • Making oven-baked fried dough
  • Making oven-baked pizza
  • Making oven-baked croissants/scones
  • Cooking in cauldron in the open air
  • Treasure hunt tour
  • Barn dance
  • Optional craftsman workshops
  • Making mini rafts
  • Night lantern tour…

For more information or concrete quote do not hesitate to contact us.