We ensure the success of the events by providing hospitality at a high standard. The speciality of our establishment is that we can offer gusto-experience, scenery and traditions at the same place.

Our chef is a devotee of local products, thus as a local patriot, supports the quality products of local farmers and producers, which always arrive at our kitchen freshly picked and made. We are patrons of Hungarian products! We always compose our menu according to seasonal goods, but of course you can also find the “great classics”, dishes of different Hungarian regions and the Hungarian cuisine of the last thousand years. Our kitchen, which is an integral part of the barn, is equipped with both modern technology and the facilities of old farmhouses as well: 3 beehive ovens and 2 wood-burning stoves are used within our kitchen technology.

The Strudel Barn and Apartment House is committed to oven dishes, local specialities and traditional cuisine. We adapt to our guests’ eating habits and special requests in order to provide the best flavours that satisfy all needs.

According to our guests’ requirements, we can offer quality aperitifs, wines from the Ászár-Neszmély region, schnapps from Hungary and the Highlands to which we can serve home-made cakes, oven-baked strudels and scones baked in ashes.

In the breaks of the events we serve hot coffee, tea, mineral water, refreshments, salty and sweet pastries for the guests.

In case of a tighter program, our guests can choose from an abundant buffet, or special oven-baked dishes.

Catering options


  • Buffet breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausages, frankfurters, mustard, ham and salami platters, cheese platters, butter, jam, honey, tea, milk, coffee, fruit juices, seasonal vegetables and fruit platters, home-made bread (white, brown, seedy), rolls, croissants, sweet milk loaf.
  • Barn breakfast: scrambled egg variations, baked bacon, bacon and sausage platters, home-made cracklings, home-made cheese variations, salad and fruit platters, butter, jams our chef made in the ovens, honey in jars, home-made bread and milk loaf, pastries, milk in glazed jugs, coffee, tea variations, fruit juices.

Main courses:

  • Plate service lunch/dinner
  • Platter service lunch/dinner
  • Buffet lunch/dinner

Food offers:

  • Oven-baked dishes
  • Dishes from different Hungarian regions
  • Dishes overarching a thousand years
  • Special dishes (reform food, dishes adjusting to special needs)

Our food offers can be ordered as one dish, or as a menu of several courses. We absolutely adjust to our clients’ demands. Every catering offer is customised, it depends on the type of the event and the number of participants.

Ask for an offer!