Why do we recommend it?

Festive moments without worries!

Let it be birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation, christening, or just a friendly gathering, everything can be arranged here. The Strudel Barn and Apartment house makes every family event and friendly gathering special.

The wide range of our food and beverages selections provides convenient options for memorable events and the special atmosphere of our Barn even enhances the experience.

In case of events for smaller number of participants we recommend the comfort of our smaller event halls, or the wine cellar.

Get a good rest after the event at us, there is no need to hurry home! We can provide accommodation for 88 people in our apartments and rooms.

We can even organise the whole event to take the burden off your shoulders, so don’t hesitate to ask for our offer on decoration, music service, cakes and cookies, programs and anything else you might require.

Ask for an offer now!