Programs and prices

Programs for the whole day or a half one

Making oven strudels, pizzas (langallo) or croissants

During the program, the children can take a look into the secrets of making oven dishes, starting from kneading through unrolling to the baking itself. After the preparations every child can make their own creation. If they are interested and would like they can even help in heating the oven!

Making oven pizza

During the program, the children knead the dough and make their own pizza sauce. While the dough is rising, the children can get familiar with the herbs, vegetables in the kitchen and herb garden, they familiarize with forms, flavours, scents and possibilities of use. After this everybody makes their own pizza.

The little chefs can have their own dishes for lunch.

Making butter and cottage-cheese

In the course of the program, the children make butter, which they can taste with the oven baked bread at the end of the program. During the day, they learn the process of making cheese and sour cream and they can see the old equipment people used in dairy processing.

Spiral pasta twisting and soup making

In the course of the program, the children can make their own soup garnish in the traditional way. They can of course take home spiral pasta when they are ready. They cook their rich soup together according to the chef’s instructions and after this they can participate in a playful competition: they have to eat the soup either blindfolded, or with a wooden spoon (test of tolerance – to learn about the everyday difficulties our fellow humans with limited abilities have to struggle).

Price of program elements 2900,- – 3500, – HUF/person (min. 12 person/group)

The price includes meals as well. In addition to the optional programs, we provide the use of folk toys for the children free of charge. Besides the meals, the price also includes some refreshments (mineral water, lemonade, tea, syrup).

Further optional programs in case of a whole day trip for the afternoon:

Tasting herbal teas and recognising herbs by scent and flavour (blind test)600, - HUF / person
Neszmély derring-do in the Barn and on the river bank (depending on weather) and further playful competitions with peasant tools: Toldi trial, Kinizsi trial600, - HUF / person
Rent-a-Ping - pong table600, - HUF / hour / 2 rackets
Skill exercises with bicycles for those who are on a cycling tour with their own bike 600, - HUF / person
Dunaalmás quarry: with professional expert’s help. Primarily for lower grade pupils. Quarry the stone in the footsteps of the Romans!600, - HUF / person
Castle rock, castle ruins – a tour in the nature: Adrenalin tour! Would you take it on? Steep hillside uphill, creeping-crawling, climbing. But the view from the top is stunning! The view of the river Danube, the islands, the “other side”, the unspoilt nature.600, - HUF / person
„Kids’ lab workshop” – making handmade cosmetics with herbal ingredients, decoration of storage jars, which of course, the children can take home at the end of the day.1000, - HUF / person
Spiral-twisting - In the course of the program, the children can make their own soup garnish in the traditional way. They can have an insight in the everyday life of the housewives, in the traditions of the “spinners” and take home their spiral pasta when they are ready.1.500,- HUF / person
Granny’s kitchen – making jam and potting fruits, preserving pickles. Familiarising with the traditions, tools and tricks of traditional preservation…the children can take home the potted things in small jars.1.500, - HUF / person
Children can bring their own sports and game equipment to play outside (e.g. ball, badminton racket, etc. …).

Optional programs in Neszmély:

  • Visiting the steamers – The children can walk to the open-air ship museum, where they can see the old steamers, they can even board the ships and see the ship exhibits. (
  • Csokonai Lilla memorial room and grave.