Why do we recommend it?

What could be really interesting for a child? A playground where they can play and run around freely? An artisan day, where they can learn the ancestors’ customs and traditions? How can you prepare dishes in a beehive oven, how did our grandmothers do it at the time when there was no gas or electricity? How did people of the Danube live and sail on steamers?

Which child would not enjoy such programs?

We know, that the class trips are one of the most important and mostly looked forward events in the pupils’ life, therefore we do everything in order to make it unforgettable!

You can easily compile a memorable class trip from our program list, or even put a complete unforgettable package together.

We welcome the hikers with full board, in which freshly made dishes from the oven have the main role. No class shall leave this place without having tasted at least one of the dishes made in our beehive ovens!