Dining venues

The Strudel Barn and Apartment House consists of 3 event halls of different sizes and capacities. Depending on the wedding dinner and number of guests, the newly-weds can choose the most ideal for them. We can recommend our “Poppy-seed”, “Sour-cherry” halls, or the Barn, all decorated in fabulous wedding decorations.

„Poppy-seed” hall:

The Poppy-seed hall is the smallest event hall in the establishment on 50m2 with a capacity of 55 people. It is a perfect choice for smaller family gatherings, or weddings with guests of little number. The hall has 1 main entrance and 2 other doors, that open to the terrace, where you can even have the wedding ceremony itself. It is well lit both by natural and artificial lights, and rural atmosphere is provided by unique ceramic lamps.

„Sour-cherry” hall:

The medium-sized event hall in our facility on 60m2 with a capacity of 65 people. This hall also has natural and artificial lights and it is also a great venue to spend the time together. It has two main entrances and the rural atmosphere here is also provided by unique ceramic lamps.


The biggest event hall of the establishment on 350m2. It can seat about 150 people plus there is a spacious dance floor, so this is the best for a real rural wedding with a greater number of guests. The Barn has a weather-proof unique wooden structure with 3 open entrances on its sides, providing fresh air from spring to autumn. It has huge ceiling height with a hayloft and the wine cellar also opens from here. There are both natural and artificial lights. The rural atmosphere here of course is also necessary and is provided by original furnishings and rural furniture.