Event halls

Our rooms and halls

The Strudel Barn and Apartment House owns 3 conference and event halls of different sizes. You can choose the most ideal one according to the number of participants, the length and type of the programs. Let’s take an imaginary walk among the conference halls we can offer:

„Poppy-seed” hall:

The Poppy-seed hall is the smallest event hall in our facility. In 50 m2, it has a capacity for 55 people. It is a nice community place to spend the time together: games, competitions, craftsman workshops, movie nights, children parties and evening leisure activities, this is the perfect venue for carefree entertainment. The hall has 1 main entrance and 2 other doors, that open to the terrace. It is well lit both by natural and artificial lights, and rural atmosphere is provided by unique ceramic lamps.

„Sour-cherry” hall:

The medium-sized event hall in our facility on 60m2 with a capacity of 65 people. This hall also has natural and artificial lights and it is also a great venue to spend the time together with the children. It has two main entrances and the rural atmosphere here is also provided by unique ceramic lamps.


The biggest chamber of our facility on 350m2. The Barn has a capacity for 250 people, which makes it the perfect place to conduct programs for children of greater number. It can also be divided to smaller sections, so several programs can run at the same time. This weather-proof Barn has a unique wooden structure with open entrances on 3 sides. It has a really huge ceiling-height with a hayloft and a wine cellar opening from it.