Family day

It can be quite difficult for many of us to find out how to appreciate our colleagues’ performances. We have always thought: better give experience, not objects! Therefore, we believe that organising a company family day is a great solution for this issue. On such family days, not only the employees but also their family members will experience carefree fun and joy on our courtyard with exciting activities.

Program opportunities

To make the family day more substantial we offer to organise several programs, out of which every age group can choose the ones to their liking:

  • Catering (oven-baked dishes, dishes made in cauldron, barbecue, etc.)
  • Sports programs (indoor and outdoor games, table tennis, volley ball…)
  • Skills games, competitions
  • Rural playhouse
  • Creative, logical, skills development games, board games
  • Family craftsman workshops
  • Folk craftsman workshops
  • Face painting for children
  • Balloon-folding
  • Inflatable games, bouncy castles, trampoline
  • Archery
  • Clown shows, puppet shows
  • Using a small pool