Programs free of charge in the neighbourhood:

You can make tours on your own free of charge and admire the natural treasures of Neszmély.

  • Statue of Csokonai Vitéz Mihály and Lilla, Lilla’s grave
  • King’s well
  • Walk on the bank of river Danube
  • Neszmély Arboretum
  • Neszmély tour with the help of free to download application
  • Cycling tour
  • Visit the sights in Tata and Komárom

Charged hiking tours in the neighbourhood:

Our hiking programs are all tours led by conservation experts. „Get to know Gerecse with us!”

  • Castle rock tour –Adrenalin tour!
  • Nordic – walking tour
  • Dunaalmás quarry tour
  • Sertésvölgy walking by the wine cellars in Neszmély
  • Village tour in Neszmély

Charged gastro barn programs:

  • Making oven-baked strudels and scones, croissants and pizzas (During the program, our guests can try themselves in preparing oven-baked dishes, starting from the kneading the dough through unrolling the paste and baking it in the beehive oven.)
  • Traditional spiral twisting (our guests have the chance to make their own soup garnish in the traditional way)
  • Granny’s school (making jam and potting fruits, preserving pickles as they traditionally used to in the beehive oven of the Strudel Barn)
  • Provincial pig sticking (pig sticking in Neszmély with the active participation of the guests)
  • Wine, schnapps and whisky tastings

Charged programs within the area of our facility:

  • Rent-a-ping-pong table
  • Provincial derring-do (Kinizsi or Toldi contests – throwing wooden spoon, pushing logs, running canes … and a lot more)
  • Live music programs: gipsy music, folk music band, Irish music band, folk-dance

What else do we offer?

  • Western and country days – „eating-drinking-dancing”
  • Thematic weddings (motorbike, Western, folk, vintage)

Organised men beauty contest for groups. Only for the ‘brave and bold’.