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Weddings like in the old days!

eskuvo2Do you wish to have your wedding organised differently than the usual way? Do you wish for something that would surprise the wedding guests? Or on the contrary, are you a fan of classical arrangements? Our Barn provides a whole range of opportunities, offering something you cannot find anywhere else… Discover the magic we can provide!

Barn wedding, peasant wedding, Western, or Country wedding? Or perhaps a wedding in jeans?… Wedding free of constraints and obligations. If this is your dream, why not doing it? We can make it possible for you!

Rural broth, plates with steaming delicacies straight from the oven…After dinner, the scent of oven-baked strudels tickle the wedding guests’ nostrils… Special, really unique dishes wait for the wedding guests here!

Let yourself be surprised and let us take the burden of organisation off your shoulders!

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